In 1991 Vadim ANTYCHIN received his first degree of Law in the Ukrainian Juridical Academy in Kharkov (the Ukraine).

After his studies, he was an apprentice at the office of the public prosecutor of the Kominterndistrict of the city Kharkov as Substitute.

In 1997 he got his second degree of Licentiate in Law at the University Institute Antwerp (UIA).

From 1997 untill 2000, he followed an internship as attorney in the office "Huybrechts, Engels, Craen & Vennoten", under supervision of his illustrious founder of the above mentioned association, Mter. Marc A. HUYBRECHTS.

Since October 2000, Vadim ANTYCHIN is written down on the Tableau of Lawyers in Antwerp and works for his own "solo" office.

In 2002 he obtained the academic degree as master in the specialized studies of Company law at University Institute Antwerp (UIA).

In 2005 he ended studies at the Institute for Firm Law / Company Law in Bruges (VPOO) with a degree of postgraduate in Company Law.

Vadim ANTYCHIN is holder of the special education certificate (2016) in cassation procedures in criminal cases.

Every year, he follows courses of new Legal matters regarding Immigrants, foreigners, social benefits and other subjects.

The lawyer speaks Dutch, Russian and English. He understands and reads the Ukrainian language.